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Buying a Car

Purchasing a vehicle can be a major financial decision, and it can be an emotional one, as well. Below are a range of tools and some quick descriptions on how you might use them. It is our hope that gathering them together on this one page will be of value to you.

Watch this video to learn tips on how to successfully buy a used automobile.

Knowing what amount you can afford to spend on a car is a good first step. Here is a simple auto loan calculator. There are also tabs for comparing a purchase with a lease and determining what type of dealer incentives are better.

There are several online resources that can give you a good sense of the value of a vehicle based on the year, make, and model, along with its mileage and an assessment of its condition.
Kelly Blue Book:
NADA Guides:

Vehicle History:
Before you make a major purchase, it is worth doing a little due diligence. A vehicle history report can give you information on the number of owners a vehicle has had, whether it has been in an accident, and whether there are any other title problems such as odometer rollbacks, flooding, or if the car is a lemon.

When purchasing a used vehicle, it is important to understand if there are any major mechanical issues that you might be responsible for. It is good to arrange for an inspection prior to finalizing the deal. Here are some guides to consider: J.D. Power:
Mobile Inspection – (Costs $129.99)